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As an employer, are you looking for strategies that benefit your employees as well as your company? The DaVinci team works with you to balance your employee benefits with the financial goals of your firm. We support the full spectrum of your company's financial and employee benefit needs.

Let us help you answer questions such as:

  • Are we maximizing our Employee Benefit Plans?

  • Do I have the most effective retirement plan design?

  • Can we be doing more to retain senior leaders?

  • How can we minimize our firm's tax obligations?

  • Can we improve the effectiveness of our employee benefits given our firm's budget?

Retirement Plan Services

Whether your business needs comprehensive retirement plan consulting or a fee or service arrangement, DaVinci's team of specialists can help you simplify administration and improve operational efficiency of your retirement plan.

Investment Due Diligence

  • Investment line-up and design

  • Investment monitoring

  • Fund manager search

Plan Design

  • Plan design consulting

  • Vendor search

  • Vendor management

Fees & Expenses

  • Vendor fee and service benchmarking

Fiduciary Management

  • Fiduciary process assessment

  • ERISA checklist and calendar

  • Legislative/regulatory updates

Provider Liaison

  • Transition services

  • Vendor management

  • Issue resolution

Plan Education

  • Education programs

  • Enrollment and education meetings

  • Education policy statement development

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