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As a business owner, we understand that your personal and business financial needs are often closely intertwined and demand advanced planning strategies. Let us help you identify the best strategies throughout every stage of your business.

Start-Up Stage

The start-up phase typically includes years 1-3.

  • Should we have a business and capital plan?

  • Should we have a core benefit program?

  • Do we need to develop a marketing and sales plan?

  • When is the right time to add life and disability program?

  • How do we integrate an optimal payroll service?

Growth Stage

During the growth phase, the business goals and strategies may be refined.

  • Is it time to innovate and expand?

  • How can we build our management team?

  • Is it time to get a business valuation & buy sell?

  • What's the best way to upgrade our retirement plan?

  • How can our leaders build wealth outside the company?

Maturity Stage

As the business matures, key adjustments can be made.

  • How do we put an exit and succession plan in place?

  • How do we build market value and reduce debt?

  • What's the best way to reward/protect key people?

  • Is it time to review/update our retirement plan?

  • What's the best strategy for cost containment?

Transfer Stage

Continuity planning is key when executing transition strategies.

  • How do we put a transition strategy in place?

  • How can we receive income streams from the sale of the business?

  • Should we engage an Investment bank or M&A firm?

  • Should we evaluate our charitable giving options?

  • Is it the time to review estate and legacy plans?

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